ViolinTay - Morrowind/ Skyrim

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Lara and I just released a video game album together titled «Game On: 2 Player Mode.» Here's where you can check it out:
Also available on Amazon, Google Play and my personal website!

Also check out my video game cover album «Gaming Fantasy» on iTunes!
Also available on Amazon, Google Play, Zune

Hi everyone! This is Lara6683 and my rendition of the Elder Scrolls Morrowind and Skyrim themes! Lara is an extremely talented pianist and violinist who also covers a wide variety of video game and other types of music and you should definitely check out her awesome channel! Lara also did the vocals that you hear throughout the piece!
We made up our own arrangements, so there's no sheet music sorry. Hope you like it!

Original song composed by Jeremy Soule

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Нууу… м.с. понравилось.

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